Benefits Offered all Employees

Benefits Offered All Employees

While The Pines updates the information on this page from time to time, all policies and practices are subject to change without notice. If any information found on this page is of special interest to you, please be sure to ask if the particular policy or practice is still in effect when you call or visit us.

  • Direct deposit of paycheck available.

  • Free checking account (if eligible).

  • Residents’ Association Christmas Tip Fund. Residents voluntarily donate to a Christmas Tip Fund to express their appreciation for the service they have received over the preceding year. Tips can range up to several hundred dollars depending upon the amount raised and the hours an employee has worked.

  • Flexible scheduling. Department Heads are committed to doing their best to match your needs to their scheduling needs.

  • Defined Contribution Plan voluntary employee contribution. All employees may elect to voluntarily contribute a portion of their wages to a tax-deferred retirement account.

  • Ongoing Training opportunities

  • Free annual flu shot (optional)

  • Free Hepatitis B shots (optional)

  • Tuberculin skin test (mandatory)

  • Pneumonia shots (optional)

  • Contribution to Social Security. The Pines makes a contribution to Social Security on behalf of each employee equal to what the employee contributes.

  • Unemployment insurance. The Pines pays insurance premiums to the State of North Carolina so that if an employee loses his or her job through no fault or misconduct of his or her own (such as a layoff due to low occupancy) then the employee will be eligible for unemployment insurance.

  • Workers Compensation insurance. The Pines carries insurance so that if an employee is injured on the job there will be insurance that will provide certain benefits to help in such situation.

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