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Many people in North Carolina see moving to a life plan community as “giving up” their comfortable home and their active lives. But waiting too long to make a move can limit your choices. The late Sarah Jetton, one of the founders and first residents of The Pines, said it well: “It can feel too early to move to The Pines. Then, one day, it’s too late.”

This astute observation illustrates why it’s best to plan now, before a health crisis forces you to make a decision under duress—or worse, forces someone else to make the decision for you. Moving to The Pines while you have good health allows you to make friends, enjoy the amenities and become part of the community.

Additionally, you won’t find yourself being forced to move if you develop a health issue. Our continuum of care lets you stay at The Pines and still be connected to your new friends, whether receiving care in our Assisted Living neighborhood or the Nursing Center.

Make an informed choice by scheduling a visit and joining the Future Residency Program. Even though living at The Pines may be years away, plans made now will ensure a wonderful retirement.

“I am happy to tell you we were very pleased with my recent stay in Health Care. Everyone was pleasant and caring and helpful. I’ve been fortunate to have stayed well these soon-to-be 15 years but it was very comforting to know it was here waiting for me when needed very suddenly. As always the residents were there for both of us. I’m sure there is no group anywhere as wonderful as our Pines people.”
    –    a resident of The Pines

The Pines offers a useful white paper on risk factors in the aging process. Download it here.

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